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Reservation Changes

Reservation Changes

We understand, life happens. Learn more below about TravelFLEX.


Since you may not always know if your trip needs to be changed, we offer a service called TravelFLEX. For a fee of $20 (plus applicable GST/HST) per person per segment, paid at the time of your initial booking (website or call centre), you can avoid the change fee of $125 (online) or $175(at the Airport check-in counter). Think of it as a small “peace of mind” fee to get flexibility.

  • TravelFLEX can only be purchased at the time of the original booking in our Add On products section either online or via the Call Centre (a $15 fee for a Call Centre booking is automatically added).
  • TravelFLEX applies individually to each flight segment and for each passenger. For example, if you have 4 passengers on your booking, flying return from Hamilton to Winnipeg, you can purchase TravelFLEX for each passenger and for each segment  (e.g. initial flight from Hamilton to Winnipeg, or the return flight from Winnipeg to Hamilton). TravelFLEX will apply to only those segments and passengers where it was purchased.
  • If you are going to change the date of your current booking, and have purchased TravelFLEX, the new flight date must be within 90 days of the original booking flight date. All payments are non-refundable. If you cannot use the original flight within the following 90 days, the original payment will not be refunded or credited to future travel.

Benefits of TravelFLEX

  • It keeps your options open
  • Not all persons in a booking are required to purchase TravelFLEX, it can be purchased individually for each person.
  • It saves you money!  TravelFLEX fee allows you to change the flight date, destination and name at the same time, without the $125 Change Fee. Please note, the $125 Change Fee will be applied if subsequent changes are requested.
  • Baggage that is not used is refundable.  This only applies to the segment the TravelFLEX was purchase on.

Once you have purchased TravelFLEX, we request you contact one of our Flair Airlines Customer Service Representatives at (204) 888-4357 to process any changes.


You have 24 hours from the time of making your reservation to cancel the booking to receive a full refund. This can be accomplished through our website, by simply going to “My Trip” and cancelling the booking

After 24 hours, Flair Airlines does not refund flight and product; only changes are possible.

No credit or refunds will be given for missed flights, no shows, cancellations made past cut-off times, or for fare differences after a reservation has been made.


Flair Airlines recognizes that, on occasion, you may have to change the details of your flight.

A change fee of $125 is applied every time you make a change; however, you can change multiple items (e.g. name, destination, date) at the same time.  You can make changes prior to three hours of the flight departure. 

Unless you have purchased TravelFLEX, there will be a $125 Change Fee for:

  • Date adjustment - The new flight date must be within 90 days of the original booking flight date. All payments are non-refundable. If you cannot use the original flight within the following 90 days, the original payment will not be refunded or credited to future travel.
  • Change in travel destination - You are also responsible for any fare price differences resulting from changing the original booking.
  • Name for someone else traveling instead of you.

These changes are processed through our customer service line at 1.204.888.HELP (4357) (the call centre fee will be waived).

The change fee increases to $175 if you make a change at the airport check-in counter up until 60 minutes prior to flight departure.

There is no change fee to purchase additional products (e.g a bag or a seat selection).   These changes can be made through the website under ‘My Trip’ or the customer service line (plus the $15 call centre fee).  Please note, additional products are non-refundable unless you purchased TravelFLEX.

Each time you make a change to your reservation a new itinerary will be emailed to you.  

Click here to find out more about cancellations, changes and TravelFLEX.