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Flair Airlines Newbie

Learn how we get you from here to there with one low fare.

Flair Airlines is here to change the way Canadians travel. Booking with Flair might be a bit different than what you're used to, and here's why:


We’re committed to low fares

We keep it simple. Our costs are completely unbundled – there are no free snacks and no free drinks. Your fare gets you the two essentials: a seat and a seatbelt. The rest is up to you.

You only pay for what you want

Whether it’s treating yourself to ‘front-of-the-line’ boarding, reserving a favourite spot on the plane or bringing a special piece of luggage, you pay the base fare... then build the trip you want.  Flair Airlines accepts Visa and Mastercard online and at the airport as forms of payment.

Non-stop flights lead to non-stop savings

Flights are non-stop, a simple one(or two)-stop (you don’t even have to get off the plane!), or a single connection between smaller airports to get you from here to there as quickly as possible. This saves you time and money, and leaves you with more of both to better enjoy your trip.

We leave the flying to Flair

At Flair Airlines, we’ve been flying since 2003 and have a strong record of service with experienced pilots, flight staff as well as knowledgeable maintenance crews. Flair currently operates the Boeing 737-400 which is among the world’s safest customer jets. Learn more about Flair Airlines at

Tips to make your here-to-there experience even better

Customize your own travel experience in advance

If you know what size of bag you will check or carry-on, save some cash by paying for it early! This speeds up baggage processing time at the airport so you spend less time in line. The best time to purchase à-la-carte items is when you book.

Checked bags

Why not leave the heavy lifting to us? When you check your bags, it speeds up the boarding and deplaning process and saves everyone from ‘cabin clutter’. Help us with this, we’ll help you to lower fares. Click here for baggage pricing.

Personal item is free

Don’t sweat it; you can still bring on a personal bag (like an average-size backpack, purse, shoulder bag, laptop bag, etc). A rule of thumb: If fits in our baggage sizer – it’s free! 

In case you are unsure, maximum dimensions for your personal bag are:
16 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm / 6 in x 13 in x 17 in

Anything a bit bigger, for example a standard carry-on or checked bag, will cost extra. Traveling with an infant? You can bring other stuff, like a baby bag, stroller or car seat for free – just visit our Baggage Services section to be sure.

Get to the front of the line with priority seating

Have you always wanted to be first person to board a plane? For a small fee, you can get cozy before anyone else.

Click here for Priority Seating pricing.

Seat selection

Have a favourite spot on the plane? You can choose that too. The earlier you buy, the better the price.

Click here for Seat Selection pricing.

Save on your boarding pass

Either print your boarding pass at home or keep it on your phone. When Flair Airlines needs to print your pass at the airport, it takes time and resources that create extra costs. Why pay extra fees at the airport when some quick prep ahead of time can prevent them?

Click here for Boarding Pass pricing.

Purchase your refreshments

We don’t inflate our fares to cover the cost of refreshments or snacks that you may not even want. Snacks and drinks cost money to stock and fuel to carry. Never fear, if you do get a case of the munchies you can buy some snacks and refreshments from our in-flight crew.


For $20 you can change your reservation once or postpone your trip without paying change fees (each way per customer). Customers who do not show up for their flight will forfeit the fare paid.